Caligula 2 On Switch – Japan Release Date, Everything Revealed

Caligula 2 On Switch – Japan Release Date, Everything Revealed

Caligula is back with a 2nd entry and it still sounds a lot like Angel Beats.

FuRyu announced on the Japanese version of the February 2021 Nintendo Direct that Caligula 2 is coming to Switch. Caligula 2 will be launching on June 24, 2021 in Japan, for 8778 Yen (tax included). FuRyu did not announced Caligula 2 in the West.

The trailer explained Caligula 2 and it surprisingly has the exact same story pitch as the first game

Caligula 2 on Switch is set in a virtual world titled Redo, where people with regrets can redo their lives in high school. The world of Redo is controlled by a virtual idol named Regret, who guides the inhabitants to happiness with her songs.However, none of the inhabitans are aware the world is virtual.

However, one day, the protagonist and several other students realize this is not the real world, and try to find a way home. They form the Return Home Club, gathering allies to escape. If you haven’t played the first Caligula, the pitch is also quite similar to Key’s Angel Beats if you watched that. Except it’s a virtual world instead of the afterlife.

The protagonists will end up facing the composers of Regret, a group of individuals who call themselvs the Obligado. In Caligula 1 too, the antagonists were music composers.

Caligula was first launched on PS Vita on May 2018 only in Japan. Later on, an enhanced version titled Caligula Overdose as launched on PS4. NIS America localized the game as The Caligula Effect: Overdose in March 2019. On  PC, PS4, and Switch.

Caligula 1 was written by Tadashi Satomi, who worked on the Persona games before Persona 3. DualShockers previously interview Caligula‘s director Takuya Yamanaka as well.

FuRyu should reveal more details soon via the Caligula Japanese Twitter.

Caligula 2 On Switch Reveal Trailer

The Japanese version of Nintendo Direct was as always now narrated by the beautiful voice of Yuichi Nakamura. One of the most popular seiyuu and whom you can regularly hear in anime.