Call of Duty: Black Ops II Will Have Anti-Camping Features

October 7, 2012

How many times in first person shooters have you snuck around a corner only to have your head blown off by a camping player who was laying in wait? Other gamers look down on that behavior but it remains popular because it works. Now however, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is taking a stand against this sort of thing by instituting a system that will make you move around.

Called Kill Confirmed, it gives extra credit for kills made by you or an ally for retrieving the enemy’s dog tags. Since the leaderboards are all about winning, this should induce players to come down out of their hiding spots and collect the dog tags, leaving them vulnerable. How will this affect legitimate sniping and friendly fire over who gets to collect a tag? Only time will tell.

Miranda Quillen

Star Wars fangirl and general geekette with a passion for roleplaying and strategy games, space and all things Sci-Fi.

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