Call of Duty: Black Ops Preview / Interview with Josh "JD_2020" Olin

A few weeks back we were invited to an event in New York City where we would finally get the chance to get up close and personal with Treyarch and Activision’s upcoming shooter that you may have heard of. It was Call of Duty: Black Ops… and it was awesome. However, everything we saw was under lock and key until August 18th due to embargo. Well my friends, that day is today. While you can still expect a full impressions post up shortly (like tomorrow) we figure why not take the time to get to know Treyarch Community Manager, Josh “JD_2020” Olin and learn what to expect from Black Ops before it consumes your life and your online friends list this November. For those of you worried about the online component and cheaters that plagued the launch of Modern Warfare 2 last year, you will definitely not want to miss this.

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Joel Taveras

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