Call of Duty: Black Ops Wager Matches Trailer Released

Call of Duty: Black Ops Wager Matches Trailer Released

Call of Duty: Black Ops Wager Matches Trailer ReleasedThe multi-player reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops has landed and it’s ridiculous. The new menu is looking balla-riffic. The video opens up with David Vonderhaar (Design Director at Treyarch) giving us an overview of the all-new Wager Matches while destroying some poor saps with a new rocket launcher. The concept of the Wager Match modes is that you want to come in the top 3 players and if you do COD Points ahoy matey! COD Points are what is used to unlock weapons, if you can’t hang you can’t do your thang.

One in the Chamber is another game mode revealed where everybody starts out with one pistol, one bullet, and every kill you get gains you a new bullet. If you miss your shot, the only thing left is melee. Each player also only has three lives! The intense competition that will result will be sure to bring players beyond the already high level of cursing and enjoyment.

Sticks and Stones will deliver yet another untraditional spin on the Call of Duty franchise where crossbows, ballistic knives, and tomahawks. Tomahawks ‘bankrupt’ players, and you won’t want that type of humiliation and loss on your head, which just takes cutting people up to a whole new level.

Gun Game is just playing with fire, no more specialization and repetitive cheesiness with this mode! Players start out with the pistol and as they get kills they will cycle through weapons one at a time. If you can’t handle every weapon out there you will need to step your game up for these matches! If you are stabbed though, back to the pistol you go noob!

Sharp Shooter, another Wager Mode where all players get the same random weapon until a timer changes things up. You must all duke it out with nothing but the same weapon be it mini-gun, sniper rifle, or one of the game’s many rocket launchers. Kills earn you perks, and tons of kills get you multipliers for your points income.

Hit the break for this riveting video that will surely make a believer out of even the least excited Call of Duty fan right here and now, Black Ops is ready to take you by surprise this November 9th. The amount of explosives seen are insane, and it doesn’t end here, more details about the new game modes were revealed that definitely deliver on some serious ‘WOW’ factor and will crush pre-conceived notions of COD: Black Ops multi-player.