Former Call of Duty Dev Says a "Modern" Shooter Will Be Arriving this Year

One former Infinity Ward and current EA developer may have recently teased what could be in store for Call of Duty in 2019.

It’s getting to be that point in the year where we usually start to hear the first murmurs of what could be in the cards for the annual release of Call of Duty. Last year’s installment of Black Ops 4 released last October and, unsurprisingly, did well at the market as always. Now, as we look forward to what could be in the cards for COD this year, one previous developer on the series has said something rather interesting recently that could potentially be an indicator.

Former Infinity Ward and Call of Duty creative lead Robert Bowling recently had an enlightening conversation on Twitter with a fan about Apex Legends, EA and Respawn’s latest battle royale game. Bowling, who now works with EA, was asked by a fan why there are no more modern shooters nowadays and said that everything has become futuristic. Bowling responded to the inquiry simply saying, “You’re getting a Modern shooter this year, don’t worry.”

What’s interesting about this statement is that Bowling specifically capitalized the word “Modern” seeming to imply that it was being used as a title or a proper noun. Whether or not this could be a tease though about Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare series though is hard to say. Since Bowling works at EA now, I have a hard time imagining him potentially teasing a new game from a competitor in Activision, even if Bowling himself did use to work there.

That being said though, Bowling no doubt still has connections at Activision and Infinity Ward specifically, which is the studio developing this year’s Call of Duty. The immediate conclusion to jump to from Bowling’s statement would be that a potential Modern Warfare 4 could be this year’s Call of Duty title, especially since this is the series of COD games most associated with Infinity Ward. Then again, maybe Bowling’s message could have been a tease for a remaster of Modern Warfare 2, of which there have been some rumors of floating around over the past year.

Despite what Bowling may have been teasing, one thing seems to be sure: Infinite Warfare 2 isn’t coming ever. In a follow-up response on Twitter, Bowling told another user, “You will NEVER get Infinite Warfare 2.” So if you were holding out hope for a sequel to 2016’s Infinity Ward project, maybe dash those hopes now.

Regardless of what’s true and what’s not here, we’ll likely learn what is next for Call of Duty rather soon. Activision seems keen on revealing the year’s annual Call of Duty title around April or May every year, so we should have more information in the coming months. Whenever that information drops, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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