Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome (Back) @petermolydeux

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome (Back) @petermolydeux

Peter Molyneux, founder of Lionhead Studios and one of the company’s chief spokesmen, has been known to embellish the truth a little. So if ever there were a person for whom a parody Twitter account were guaranteed to be a success, it would be this guy.

And thus, @petermolydeux was born. But then it was shut down. And now it’s back! Just as Molyneux has a penchant for being overly assertive when it comes to whatever he’s working on, his Twitter doppelganger does the same but with a much less serious facade. The parody account was shut down for unknown reasons — probably because the handle was too close to its source’s actual name — and rebranded as @dougieddeux, a combination of Molyneux’s name and the author’s. The original account has since been reinstated.

But after all the hub-bub, Molydeux isn’t mad. Oh, no. Far from it.

These parody feeds are nothing new. Earlier this year when The Bronx Zoo’s cobra escaped, a Twitter account was created for it that was just as hilarious as it was … well, that’s pretty much all it was. But fret not, city-dwellers: the cobra’s been caught.

And this isn’t even to mention the multitude of Sith and Jedi feeds you can kill hours reading. So what are some of your favorite parody Twitter feeds? I’m pretty partial to this one.