Call of Duty Elite Beta Has Officially Begun

Last night Activision announced that the beta to it’s Call of Duty Elite service has officially began. I know, I know, everyone’s worried that this is the beginning of the end and that Activision will soon be taking all of our money, but it just isn’t so — not yet at least. No, instead the Elite service will be providing a much more robust experience even for those that decide to NOT pay for any of the additional goodies.

One key (free) feature that I think is among the coolest is the ability to  create custom load-outs from anywhere, including a mobile app that will be released. So just in case if you think of the ultimate nub killing combination to rain digital death while pretending to work in your cubicle before you forget it, you can upload it to the cloud and when you get home and log-in, voilà, there it is. For right now it’s exclusive to Xbox 360 players (no surprise there) and you can register at . PS3 and PC players are to direct their attention to @callofdutyelite on twitter and to find out when they’ll have a chance to try out the service. More details and a video after the break.

Call of Duty Elite will super charge the Call of Duty experience in three key ways:

Connect: Call of Duty Elite gives players unprecedented control over their multiplayer experience. This is a true social gaming platform. Players can compete against friends, gamers of similar skill levels or interests, join groups and clans, and play in organized competitions. They can also track the performance, progress and activity of their personal network, both in the game itself as well as via custom mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones, tablets and on the web.

Compete: Call of Duty Elite hosts events and competitions for players of all skill levels on a regular basis; both in-game and real-world prizes will be awarded across the Call of Duty Elite player roster when the service goes live on November 8th.

Improve: Call of Duty Elite is ground zero for anyone who wants to improve their in-game skills. It dynamically tracks player statistics and performance down to the finest detail. It can show gamers how they compare to their friends or other players community-wide. The user-friendly tools and data will give gamers the insights they need to up their kill/death ratio in no time.

The Call of Duty Elite beta will test select features and functionality, including stat tracking, the use of custom player groups, competitive events and video sharing.  A major upgrade of new features will come to Call of Duty Elite at its official launch this November.

When it launches, Call of Duty Elite will offer fans an unrivaled experience by providing “always-on,” universal communication between the service and the game. Players will be able to access the service anywhere, anytime via mobile, tablet, web or inside the console game itself.  As they do, they will see how Call of Duty Elite brings their Call of Dutyexperience to life like never before.  Schedule a match with friends on the fly, change a weapon load-out or research a new gameplay strategy from your desk at work, the train ride home, or anywhere else, and have it ready and waiting for you in-game when you get home and play.

Call of Duty Elite will also offer members exclusive, all-new entertainment programs created by top Hollywood talent, exclusively for the Call of Duty community. More information on this content to come soon.

Premium members of Call of Duty Elite will also receive all downloadable content for the new blockbuster title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  From all-new maps to themed content, if it’s downloadable content, Call of Duty Elite members will get it.

Plus, when the new service rolls-out with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, players will be able to enjoy a level of unprecedented clan support.  With a focus on competition, imagine players finally being able to create their own personal experience just like a fantasy football or baseball league in Call of Duty that includes anyone and everyone from close friends to new contacts, who simply share similar gaming abilities.

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