Call of Duty League and ULT Create New Night Shift Collection

Call of Duty has collaborated with Ultimate Media Ventures ULT on the new Night Shift collection and marks a huge step for gaming streetwear.

The Call of Duty League has been met with mixed opinions, and one of the criticisms rests with the change in merchandise production. Waves of releases from teams like Dallas Empire and Chicago Huntsmen ignited early excitement for fans, but Activision halted future releases and canceled current collections. The league welcomed a third party to handle the teams’ merchandising, and new designs were posted for sale. 

On Reddit, Mike “Hastr0” Rufail, CEO of Dallas Empire, stated, “It’s nice to have a 3rd party handle a lot of the logistics. I won’t lie and say our team would prefer to have a little more flexibility on the creative side. Hopefully we can get more of that with our league partners this year.” His wish may become an eventual truth as more collaborations are welcomed.

Activision has collaborated with Ultimate Media Ventures ULT on the new Night Shift collection. 

“At ULT we take a lifestyle approach to design, thinking about how these pieces will be worn by players on and off stage,” said co-founder Nate Eckman. “We are also fans first so we think about how the core community will receive the work. We found inspiration in our experiences with eUnited as well, developing products for them on their ascent to becoming champions.”

This is an important stride for organizations in the Call of Duty League that want to place their own stamps on the streetwear and lifestyle scene. With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare becoming the best-selling game of 2019, it’s important to create a line that won’t just attract the esports crowd. The success of organizations such as 100 Thieves and Liquid have paved the way for more creativity and designs that will not only represent rosters, but become a general fashion statement. Call of Duty is an esport many people are passionate about, and translating that into an apparel line is an obvious step in making the league more viable. 

Art director Justin Whitesel added, “I grew up playing Call of Duty, some of my best friends I’ve met through playing the game. This isn’t just a line of clothes. This is for everyone who loves Call of Duty and can connect with that feeling of competitive gaming with their friends, having fun. We are going to keep designing for them.”

The first drop from ULT’s Night Shift collection for the Call of Duty League will be available on February 7. 

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