Call of Duty: Mobile Has A New Update Including Zombies Mode

Call of Duty: Mobile Has A New Update Including Zombies Mode

Kill zombies and build barriers on the go for a limited time in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile released on devices last month and broke the record for being the most downloaded mobile game of all time with over one hundred million downloads in the first week alone. At launch in the game’s menu, there was an option for the iconic Zombies Mode that was unavailable to play due to some last-minute fixes that needed to be made. Starting today though players can finally jump in.

Once hitting level 5 in Call of Duty: Mobile players can enter zombies mode for a limited time. The mode takes place in Shi No Numa which originally debuted in Call of Duty: World at War. There are two different ways to play zombies mode including survival, where you try to stay alive as long as you can which fans of the game are familiar with or Raid Mode where you try to survive a specific number of waves before facing off against a boss known as “The Abomination.” Raid Mode is a new version of zombies that has never been done before in the franchise’s history.


For someone who spent countless hours playing zombies in the past this new mode piques my curiosity and may bring me to download the game to check it out for myself. As of now, there is no knowledge as to when the limited-time event will end. You can download Call of Duty: Mobile for free on iOS and Android devices.