Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was 2019's Best-Selling Game According to NPD

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch was unsurprisingly the year's best-selling piece of hardware.

The NPD Group has now officially revealed the final sales totals for the month of December 2019 meaning that the year’s biggest winners in the United States have now been unveiled.

In the realm of software, Activision and Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ended the calendar year of 2019 as the best-selling game. Additionally, it was also the top-selling game within the month of December 2019. From its release in October until the end of the year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the best-selling game for three consecutive months. It also marks the 11th straight year that a Call of Duty game topped the sales charts to end the year.

As for 2019’s other big winners, it’s more of what you’d likely expect. The second and third best-sellers of the year were NBA 2K20 and Madden NFL 20 respectively. Rounding out the top five were also Borderlands 3 and Mortal Kombat 11. As for December 2019 alone, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderMadden NFL 20NBA 2K20, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 all followed behind Modern Warfare.

On the hardware front, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that the Nintendo Switch ended up being the best-selling device of the year. The Switch was the number one seller on NPD charts every month in 2019 so to see it end out on top is quite expected. Still, it’s worth noting that hardware spending as a whole in 2019 fell by 22% year-over-year, mainly due to declines in sales of both the PS4 and Xbox One.

In fact, spending as a whole in 2019 fell by 13% compared to in 2018. While this might seem problematic for the industry, it’s actually fairly common to see happen down the stretch of console generations. With both the PS4 and Xbox One nearing the end of their life cycles, it’s expected to see sales dwindle just a bit. We’ll likely see an increase in sales in the coming years as both the PS5 and Xbox Series X begin to hit the market.

For more on sales in 2019, you can check out the video down below from The NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella as he goes over the year’s numbers in greater depth.

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