Call of Duty Monthly Subscription Fee is on its Way

Call of Duty Monthly Subscription Fee is on its Way

Launching alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be Activision’s brand spanking new Call of Duty Elite online service. The franchise we’re all too familiar with will give players the option to pay for this premium service on top of the $60 entrance fee (AND on top of the $60 a year fee if you play on the Xbox 360). What will be some of the perks? Most obvious are downloadable maps, but beyond that is up in the air.

Activision Chief Executive Bobby Kotick states that the Elite service will not affect those who want to continue on with playing and competing with friends online. Instead, although tight-lipped on the exact details of what will be offered, he continues and says that the service will offer something that will require customer-service operation that would not be possible if the Elite service were free. He adds, “[this] is an enormous investment.”


As far as pricing is concerned, executives are giving a ballpark range of $7.99. It is good to hear that some features will be free, including some of the social networking aspects of it. So, what do you think? Do you think the Call of Duty Elite service will be worth it? What would it have to offer to warrant taking your cash every month?

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