Call of Duty Warzone Cheats Are Out of Hand, Players React on Stream

Call of Duty Warzone Cheats Are Out of Hand, Players React on Stream

Hackers take aim at yet another battle royale title. Streamers catch Call of Duty Warzone cheats in several ridiculous clips.

If you’ve been playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, chances are you’ve also dipped your toes into its battle royale mode, Warzone. However, if you’re playing the game on PC, you’ve probably already encountered cheaters. That shouldn’t be too surprising, considering cheating in games is much easier on PC than it is on consoles. Nonetheless, these Call of Duty Warzone cheats are staggering.

One clip from the founder of esports team 100Theives, Nadeshot, shows him spectating a suspected hacker on stream. Nadeshot watches in awe, calling the cheater’s display “crazy” multiple times as they mow through enemies with uncanny accuracy. The aforementioned player locks on to other enemies, mostly when they’re not in clear line of sight or are simply difficult to see. For this player, being shot from behind isn’t that bad, as they simply spin around and melt their opponent. The clip ends with the player leaving a building and immediately destroying the armor of two other players on rooftops hundreds of meters away. All done with an assault rifle with no sights, naturally.

Popular streamer Timthetatman had an extremely similar experience recently with Call of Duty Warzone cheats as well. In a clip, Tim is spectating another suspected cheater, who easily shoots down 3 enemies with no problem. The issue: aim for each kill was an immediate snap, a tell-tale sign of aim hacking. “This is going to ruin this game bro,” said Tim.

This isn’t the first time a battle royale game has had problems with hackers. For those that played Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds when it first launched, the memories of other players hacking are still fresh. Who could forget flying Dacias, or getting shot through walls without explanation? Sadly, this all seems par for course when it comes to launching a new battle royale game.

The good news is Activision seems ready to tackle this issue. In a blog post on its site titled “Cheaters Not Welcomed In Call of Duty: Warzone,” the company lays out its approach for dealing with hacking. On the list is 24/7 monitoring by security teams which “review all possible cheats and hacks” along with improvements to the in-game system for reporting cheaters. Over 50,000 permabans from the game have been issued thus far.

Despite its issues with cheaters, we’ve found Call of Duty Warzone to be a fantastic addition to the franchise. You can check out our review of the free-to-play game mode here.