Call of Duty: Warzone Prodigy Is a 5-Year-Old Boy Who’s Unbelievably Good at the Game

Check out Rogan, a Call of Duty: Warzone prodigy who is 5 years old and has the skills of someone triple his age.

Last month we saw Call of Duty: Warzone reach over 30 million players in the span of 10 days probably due to the number of people that have found themselves homebound and able to put more time into their gaming past times. Where once we used to see the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends gracing the pages of Twitch, Warzone seems to be the player’s choice at the moment. One such player who has definitely been putting in his hours is Rogan, a 5-year-old boy who’s an absolute beast when it comes to the popular Battle Royale title.

Don’t let his cute baby face and voice fool you as this Call of Duty: Warzone child prodigy can quick-scope you before you realize what’s even happening. Rogan has been playing games since he was 3 years old but he certainly has the skills to battle it out with the best of them in Warzone. Due to people not believing that Rogan was actually playing the games himself, his dad set up another camera that faces his hands on the controller to prove that he really does do all those sick shots himself while he streams on Twitch. With his dad by his side throughout all his games and even tagging along with him as they duke it out together in the harsh world of Warzone, it’s pretty incredible to watch the father and son duo as they communicate together.

Today at 11.30 am PST, you can tune into Rogan as he teams up with Swagg from the FaZe clan and watch the pair destroy whatever and whoever gets in their way. I’m pretty sure no matter what, it’ll be amazing to watch especially when you realize that Rogan is only 5 years old and his call-out skills are better than most people triple his age. I’ve no doubt that it’s only a matter of time before Rogan gets a call to join FaZe as he’s already the world’s youngest sponsored player. Recently, we saw the small but mighty Rogan take on the owner of FaZe Clan, FaZe Apex,  in an intense 1v1 match and it goes without saying that he hit some amazing snipes leaving FaZe Apex in shock.

So the next time you’re playing Call of Duty: Warzone and you get hit with a snipe, just remember that it could be 5 year old Rogan that landed you on your ass.

For those who were losing their minds when developer Infinity Ward removed trios mode in Call of Duty: Warzone, you can all relax now as the devs listened to the outrage and quickly put the popular mode back in while I’m still left here wondering why there’s still no duo mode. Call of Duty series has been on top of the headlines over the last few days with a bunch of new details and leaks arriving on Call of Duty 2020, introducing it as a Black Ops reboot. Later on, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered was rated by The Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee, raising rumors on a new remastered Modern Warfare from Activision once again.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now available on PS4Xbox One, and PC for free, and it doesn’t need PlayStation Plus subscription on PS4

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