Call of Duty Website Update Features Video of In-Development Quad-Rotor Weapon, Possibly Hints at Time Setting

on April 24, 2012 10:30 AM

Though the countdown is still doing its magic one of the flickering TV screens at the Call of Duty website has updated to a flickering still-image which redirects to a video on the popular YouTube channel “FPS Russia” where the titular character shows off a variety of weapons on his farm. This particular video features an experimental / in-development weapon with no official name but appears to be a machine gun attacked to a quad-rotor flying vehicle.

The flying death machine is remote controlled and the video mentions that it may be present in the next Call of Duty game and that the tech itself won’t be in use for at least another decade. This combined with the official link seems to guarantee this and I’m sure that you’ll be seeing the device as one of the killstreaks in the upcoming as-yet-unannounced game that’s totally not Black Ops 2 which may or may not be set a few years in the future. It’s not like the series has a history of using only time-appropriate weapons.

Check out the video after the break. Oh and PS: one of the little TV screens on the website says its content will unlock tomorrow, so check back for more Call of Duty news tomorrow, same Call of Duty time! 

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