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Calling All Cars Servers Go Bye-Bye

January 16, 2010

Calling All Cars was a fun game. At least my entire family thought so as they sat in front of my TV and swallowed the game for hours on end. It came, it saw, and it didn’t get the attention that David Jaffe wanted.

This week preceded the end of the PSN title Calling All Cars, as David Jaffe waved goodbye to his adorned title. If we all know one thing about Jaffe, it’s that the man can sure as hell voice an opinion with umph. Over at his blog, Jaffe states that as his very first online game, it was definitely a learning experience, and while there were some great moments, it wasn’t the most entertaining experience he’s had.

When reviews spawned and Jaffe saw the unexpected low scores from the media, he pretty much called most of them out and defended the title as if were carrying his child. Surprisingly, though, he’s pretty regretful about the entire thing, saying that he should have “made it war themed and [‘ditched’] the cartoony stuff.”

Sadly, my family will beat me over the head with jumbo plastic baseball bats and write hate mail to Jaffe regarding the shutdown of the servers. But, we all know what Jaffe is capable of. He has something brewing in his lab and we’re all eager to see what it is. E3 is just a couple of months away, right? I’m just hoping it isn’t anything remotely related to vehicles that shoot things again unless it’s Twisted Metal.

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