Campaign Adjustments Announced for Final Fantasy XI

on March 6, 2014 1:51 PM

One of the most expansive and involving aspects of Final Fantasy XI‘s 2007 expansion, Wings of the Goddess, was the new Campaign system. Campaign allows players to take part in the game’s “Crystal War” and awards a wealth of experience, items, and currency that they can utilize to purchase armor, weapons, and other items.

Square Enix has announced new changes that will come to the system when the mid-March version update. The changes are seemingly being implemented due to the lower server populations and thus lower attendance at Campaign, as well as other battlefields that allow players to skill-up. Here are the complete details of the update:

  • Combat and magic skills will now increase while participating in a Campaign battle.
  • The following adjustments will be made to Influence, both when victorious and when defeated.
    • When victorious
      Influence will increase, and enemy force influence will decrease, at a greater rate than previously.
    • When defeated
      Influence will decrease, and enemy force influence will increase, at a greater rate than previously.

The exact date for the mid-March version update has yet to be announced.

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