You Can Now Challenge the Director of Chrono Trigger in I Am Setsuna's Multiplayer

You can now go head to head with the director of Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo Switch version of I Am Setsuna.

August 5, 2017

The Director of Square Enix’s legendary Chrono Trigger, Takashi Tokita, announced that he would be uploading his party data to I Am Setsuna’s exclusive Nintendo Switch multiplayer mode.

The “Temporal Battle Arena” multiplayer DLC allows players to upload their party data online. From there you can download other user data and battle AI versions of their teams with your own. Playing and winning can get you some sweet rewards, but the multiplayer mode is only available once you’ve finished the game’s main story.

I Am Setsuna uses an active time battle system similar to the ones found in some early Final Fantasy titles and more specifically Chrono Trigger. 


Tokita-san announced his newest title late last year, a mobile game named Final Fantasy Legends II. Also, Tokyo RPG Factory, the developer behind I Am Setsuna announced their upcoming title Lost Sphere back in May. They also just showed off a ton of new screenshots from the game.

Below you can find the official video from Square Enix with Tokita-san’s user code in I Am Setsuna.

Way back in January, Square Enix revealed that it would be bringing the exclusive multiplayer PvP mode to the Nintendo Switch version of the game after announcing that they’d be bringing the title to Nintendo’s new hardware.

I Am Setsuna is available now on Switch, PS4, PS Vita, and PC.

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