Can Oranguru Be Shiny During Pokemon GO Sustainability Week Event?

Another shiny is being introduced this week.

April 20, 2022

The Pokemon GO Sustainability Week event is introducting Oranguru for the first time and this will definitely have people asking can Oranguru be shiny in its debut?

Pokemon GO is celebrating the environment with its Sustainability Week event that includes a new Collection Challenge and a variety of increased spawns.

This event also brings the debut of Oranguru to Pokemon GO and will definitely be a Pokemon that people will be excited to add to their Pokedex.

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Who Is Oranguru?

Like the other recent additions to Pokemon GO from the Alolan region, Oranguru first made its debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon during the seventh generation of games.

Oranguru is known as the Sage Pokemon and is a Normal/Psychic type that resembles a orangutan, which is of course where it got its name from.

As with every set of two Pokemon releases, there are Pokemon that can only be caught in one version and then must be traded to the other. These sometimes have counterparts between the two and Oranguru was one of them with another Pokemon known as Passimian that resembled a lemur.

In fact, Oranguru was the Moon exclusive Pokemon, while the Fighting type Passimian was the Sun exclusive option.

Can Oranguru Be Shiny During Sustainability Week Event?

Oranguru is the only new Pokemon being introduced during the Sustainability Week event, but sadly it is not coming with its shiny form this time around.

Typically, the first appearance for a Pokemon in Pokemon GO does not include its shiny form, but it’ll eventually come at a later time, usually tied into an event of some sort.

That does not mean that the Sustainability Week event isn’t introducing a new Shiny into the mix though, as it’s finally time for the shiny form of Cherubi to arrive in the game. Cherubi has been in the game itself for awhile, but this is its first shiny appearance thus far.

While shiny Oranguru will not be arriving this time around, at least we are getting a new Pokemon to shiny hunt in the meantime with Cherubi.

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