Can You Play DOOM 3 VR on the Oculus Quest?

PSVR promises to transport you to Mars, can the Oculus Quest say the same?

Today, Sony announced a handful of new titles for the PSVR as a part of their initiative to help transition into the PS5 VR headset. Among the titles announced today such as Song in the SmokeFracked, and I Expect You to Die 2: the Spy and the Liar, the most surprising one for me was DOOM 3 VR Edition. Ever since its 2004 release, DOOM 3 has been something of a “black sheep” in the franchise. Despite this, it seems like a lot of people are really excited about its PSVR port. However, many VR fans don’t use the PSVR for their gaming. Those who prefer the wireless Oculus Quest might be wondering if they too can play DOOM 3 in VR.

The short and quick answer is yes, a DOOM 3 Oculus Quest port exists and is readily available. That said, it’s not an officially licensed port. Instead, Doom3Quest, as it’s listed, is simply a VR mod. However, if you’re worried about the quality of the mod, it has over 46,000 downloads and a review score of 4.8/5 based on over 100 reviews.

It launched in January 2021 and has had a handful of updates for stability and bug fixes. To play the DOOM 3 Oculus Quest edition, you’ll need to own a copy of DOOM 3 (but not the BFG edition) on Steam. Luckily, at the current time of writing, the game costs only $4.99 so if you’ve already got the headset, playing the game should be relatively cheap. You can find the free install listing for Doom3Quest right here.

For more on DOOM, make sure to check out our impressions of the DOOM: Eternal port right here. Ryan Meitzler wrote, “Aside from the hits that it takes visually, the Switch version of DOOM Eternal does a commendable job at translating its momentum and speed, as players rip and tear their way through the demons of Hell.”

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Peter Hunt Szpytek

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