Can You Use the Moonchase Charms in Genshin Impact And How

miHoYo made a slightly confusing design mistake with the Moonchase Event and the Charms in Genshin Impact, so we explained how you can "use" them.

By Iyane Agossah

October 7, 2021

The Moonchase Festival Event is ending in a few days in Genshin Impact, and many players are wondering what to do with the Moonchase Charms collected during the event, can we actually use them somewhere, like in an Event Shop?

But first, be sure to check out our guides for the Moonchase event if you haven’t fully cleared it yet. We have guides on the locations of Moonchase Charms, and how to complete the Contraption-Contrived Cooking Course.

Genshin Impact | Version 2.2 Trailer

Genshin Impact | Version 2.2 Trailer

Can you use the Moonchase Charms in Genshin Impact?

Basically, it looks like the Moonchase Charms were initially designed to be exchanged with Linyang in Liyue Harbor, the NPC who gives us hints to find the Charms. However, it looks like miHoYo switched things in the final version of the Event, and the rewards we’ve got through the Event menu are the same rewards we’d have gotten by exchanging the Charms.

Genshin Impact moonchase charms

This is the rewards sub-menu you can access through the Event menu after selecting Moonchase. It looks like since it’d be a hassle to go back to Linyang and exchange the Charms every time, miHoYo redesigned the event like this. However, the developers forgot to change Linyang’s dialogue, hence why she’d say at the beginning of the Event that we could exchange the Moonchase Charms.

This is a slightly confusing design mistake on miHoYo’s part, but nothing game-breaking either. It’s not the first time Event-exclusive dialogue has a few more typos or slightly misleading info either.

The Moonchase Festival will be ending on October 11. Meanwhile, Genshin Impact Version 2.2 is launching on October 13. New 4-star character Thoma will be on the second banner, so he’s only releasing three weeks after the launch of Version 2.2. You can always reach me on Twitter @A_iyane07 to ask me about Genshin stuff.

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