Canabalt Dev Releases Source Code

As a special thanks to the gamers who helped raise more than $25,000 for Child’s Play in the Indie iPhone Holiday Sale, Canabalt developer Semi-Secret Software has decided to release the game’s source code for free under the MIT license. That means you can download the code, use it however you’d like, even for commercial purposes, but Semi-Secret makes no promises that the code is anything that resembles stable. In fact, they’ve pointed out that, while their game is stable, its development was anything but careful:

We wanted to offer our condolences to everyone who downloads this and goes poking around in there.  This was a rushed Flash game, ported, in a rush, to the iPhone, before iPads or iPhone4s even existed.  We try very hard to stay up to date and do good work, but we’re just two dudes – it’s possible if not likely that some of the way we do things is not ideal or optimal.  We hope that you find this project interesting or useful in spite of that, and of course we intend to keep working on it.

I think it was just yesterday I was lamenting how common these high-speed score-seeking games, or YACKOs (Yet Another Canabalt Knock Off) are becoming, and now I guess we’ll be seeing a whole lot more. I hope you like running!

[Semi-Secret Software]

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