Nintendo Confirms Wii Mini, Launching December 7th (Updated)

on November 27, 2012 8:38 AM

Ah the holiday season, the perfect time to pick up last generation’s system. I mean why not, the Wii still likely has much selling power out there still for the people who aren’t quite sure if they wanna shell out $350.00 for the newest hotness. According to a leak on Best Buy, Nintendo is releasing a red and black Wii Mini. Reports are stating that the system stands upright but I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t make it possible for it to stand on its side. Though the site states that it is taking pre-orders, the link doesn’t go anywhere. There is no price point set for the system yet as well.

Update: Nintendo confirmed the leak by with an official announcement. The Wii Mini will launch December 7th at a mere $99.99, complete with a red Wiimote plus and Nunchuck. The red and black system will indeed lay flat and play “over 1300 disc-based titles”, but will have no internet connectivity or ability to play gamecube titles. Womp womp. You can find out little else at the system’s official website.

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