Cancelled Class: A Student Gamers Best Friend

Cancelled Class: A Student Gamers Best Friend

As many of you out there, I am a gamer, but I am also a student. As anyone who goes to school may know, school cuts into your gaming time and it cuts HARD. However, there is a ray of hope in this rather bleak institution. This ray of hope is the cancelled class.

Today I drove to school for my usual noon to 3:10 PM speech communications class. It was uncomfortably hot and I had to put down the controller to get ready and get to class on time. I walked to my class, dreading the start of my usual Wednesday noon to 10 PM gaming drought. Got to my class 15 minutes early, walked to the door, and that is when it happened, like a light from the gaming gods, an orange sheet of paper. This point is very crucial, DO NOT get your hopes up until you actually READ the paper. There have been so many times where the paper was for a different class being cancelled, and that can really crush a man’s spirits. However, I read the paper and it was for my section of the class and I was truly overjoyed. 12 to 3 just turned into my own 3 hours of gaming time.

Sometimes, the cancelled class comes in other, more modern forms. Some of you may have a teacher that will actually e-mail you when class in cancelled so you can plan accordingly; however, I feel that the low tech means of finding out you have a cancelled class is far more exciting, minus the trip to school and back.

I know I am not the only student that loves the fact that classes can be cancelled. I would ask for anyone who reads to comment with a time where they got to live the dream. I am serious about finishing my education, but sometimes even the most diligent student needs a break. Now if only there was a way to have work get cancelled for a day, but still get paid, keep in mind, no paid sick days.

2 responses to “Cancelled Class: A Student Gamers Best Friend”

  1. I haven’t had class since Thursday… due to budget cuts! Time for gaming but time to slack off from studies…

  2. Evan Velez says:

    I forgot about the Cal State system doing that. Now there is a way for the teachers to have a day off and get paid. Well played… well played…