Cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun Concept Art Released

Cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun Concept Art Released

On NeoGAF, Monkeythumbz, the community manager for Square Enix London, has released some concept art (which you can view below) for a Legacy of Kain game you may never have known existed.

Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, is just another in a series of cancelled Legacy of Kain projects, this one set to take place in the same universe but set far off into Nosgoth’s future, and not immediately continuing any of the previous events of the franchise.

According to Mama Robotnik, a trusted NeoGAF user who has uncovered a ton of information on the Legacy of Kain projects–information Monkeythumbz says is accurate, compared to the tons of rumors floating around the web–the game would have starred a human whose soul has possessed a vampire’s body, the very vampire that attacked him. The game would have been comparable to Soul Reaver and Zelda, with exploration and upgrades a key element of the gameplay. Dead Sun would also have been the single-player counterpart to the upcoming multiplayer Legacy of Kain game, Nosgoth (which was previously referred to as War for Nosgoth).

Monkeythumbz had this to say:

Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun

I can confirm that Dead Sun was a project which had been in development – but which was cancelled.

I know it’s disappointing to hear about these things out of context, and whilst some of the details released are accurate – some details are not. You know game projects can be cancelled for a variety of different reasons and I know it’s very hard to tell from images and info alone, but in the end LoK: Dead Sun just wasn’t the right game, at the right time… but you’ll have to take me at my word on that, I’m afraid.

Obviously, it’s not usual for assets from cancelled games to be released, but given that there’s a lot out there already I thought you might appreciate seeing a few more images that were taken from the previously in-progress game.

As you’ll be aware, we’re currently working on a multiplayer game firmly set within the Legacy of Kain universe called Nosgoth, which we’re very proud of. It’s grown in size and scope since its initial conception and we’ll be talking more about it in the future. While we’re not working on a single-player Legacy of Kain game right now, that doesn’t mean it’s not something we’d look at making in the future.

Monkeythumbz – Community manager for Square Enix London

The concept art, which you can view below in the gallery, shows off some character models and environments from the game. Check out Mama Robotnik’s forum on the ten cancelled games of the Legacy of Kain universe for more details on Dead Sun and other projects.

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