CandySwipe Creator Says That The Makers of Candy Crush Saga are Taking Away His Livelihood

CandySwipe Creator Says That The Makers of Candy Crush Saga are Taking Away His Livelihood

A few weeks ago,, the creators of Candy Crush Saga, successfully trademarked the use of the word “candy” in video game titles. This meant that any video game using “candy” in its title would be infringing on their copyright. This naturally lead to a furious reaction from not only the video game community but also from video game developers, some of whom were directly affected. One such developer is Albert Ransom who today issued a scathing open letter to the Candy Crush Saga makers.

Albert Ransom is the creator of the mobile game, CandySwipe. He created the game in honor of his mother who passed away from leukemia at the age of 62. His mother loved games like Bejeweled and he felt that creating a ‘connect three’ game in her memory would be the best way to pay tribute to her. He also created the game to support his family.

CandySwipe was released in 2010, a full two years before Candy Crush Saga‘s debut.

Two years after I released CandySwipe, you released Candy Crush Saga on mobile; the app icon, candy pieces, and even the rewarding, “Sweet!” are nearly identical. So much so, that I have hundreds of instances of actual confusion from users who think CandySwipe is Candy Crush Saga, or that CandySwipe is a Candy Crush Saga knockoff.


Now that owns the rights to the name “candy” in video games they are trying to get Ransom to cancel his CandySwipe trademark. This will of course affect him and his family since CandySwipe was how he earned a living. “Good for you, you win. I hope you’re happy taking the food out of my family’s mouth when CandySwipe clearly existed well before Candy Crush Saga,” said Ransom. He also feels that has taken away the opportunity for CandySwipe to grow into something bigger.

You can read the full open letter at the link below but as you can see, Ransom is justifiable unhappy with this whole situation. Let’s hope that this matter can be resolved in a manner were gets to protect their intellectual property and lets Albert Ransom continue to make a living off a game he worked hard to create.