Can’t Find The Air Jordan 11 in Gamma Blue In Stores? Make Your Own in NBA 2K14

on December 20, 2013 7:11 PM

Jordan 11 Gammas NBA2K14 Create Screen

I have two very strong hobbies that fuel my interests, one being video games and the other being a sneaker collector of sorts. If you are like me and enjoy copping a fresh pair of Jordan re-releases or Nike Foamposite colorways, then you know that getting a pair can at times feel like a very daunting task.

Seeing as I do not like to pay more than retail for my sneakers I decided that for this new release of Jordan 11 Gammas I would just make my own and wear them on the court in NBA 2K14 instead. For many this might be the closest we may come to the rarest of sneakers.

Jordan 11 Gammas NBA2K14 Full View

Here is a list of the colors and materials used for a quick way to get your Jordan 11 Gamma’s going in NBA 2K14:

  • Base – Rubber – Black
  • Outsole – Semi-shiny Plastic – Translucent Blue
  • Midsole – Leather – Black
  • Shank – Semi-shiny plastic – Black
  • Overlay – Metal – Black
  • Heel – Patent Leather – Black
  • Lining – Mesh – Black
  • Tongue – Leather – Black
  • Lace – Mesh – Black
  • Shoe Eyelet – Fabric – Black
  • Logos – Fabric – Gamma Blue
  • Logo Accent – Mesh – Gold

Let me know what you think of the overall design and if you want me to make some more to coincide with other sneaker launches.

Jordan 11 Gammas NBA2K14 Back View

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