Capcom Plans to Launch Multiple New Large Titles This Year

Capcom published its latest earnings, reporting all-time high profits and plans to launch new big titles this financial year.

May 13, 2020

Capcom published on May 12 its financial report on the last fiscal year, from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020. In particular, Capcom revealed its ambitious plans for the new fiscal year, started on April 1, 2020. This year, Capcom’s objective is to increase its console/PC game shipments to 28 million, a stark increase compared to the 25.5 million for the previous fiscal year. In order to attain this goal, Capcom’s strategy includes expanding its sales worldwide, increasing digital availability of its games to boost digital sales, and adopt flexible price measures. The continuous sales of the big titles released last year will also play a part. Last but not least, to reach this goal, Capcom plans to launch several new big titles this year. (Shoutout to Game’s Talk for pointing it out.) It’s possible Resident Evil 8 will be one of those titles. Anyway, we’ve got more financial details right below.


According to the financial report, Capcom’s sales for the fiscal year are at around 81.5 billion Yen, a decrease of 18.4% compared to last year. However, operating income is at around 22.8 billion Yen, an increase of 25.8% compared to last year, and ordinary income is at around 22.9 billion Yen, an increase of 26.2%. Overall, these are all-time high profits for Capcom.

In the “Amusement center” domain (arcade game centers, etc) Capcom reports a sales increase of 9.5% to 12.1 billion yen, and an operating income increase of 10.5% to 1.2 billion yen. According to the report, this is thank to various measures to increase the clientele of Capcom’s Amusement centers, such as events aimed towards women and non japanese players.

In the “Amusement machines” domain (pachislot, UFO catchers, medal machines, etc), titles such as the Shin Onimusha pachislot achieved much more favorable results than expected. Sales increased by 90.9% to around 6.5 billion Yen. Operating income decreased from 2.7 billion to around 2.1 billion Yen.

Lastly, royalties from the sale of goods featuring Capcom licensed characters increased by 17.2% to around 3 billion Yen.

Iyane Agossah

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