Capcom and Twitch Partner for Year-Round Street Fighter Gaming League

on March 10, 2014 12:45 PM

Capcom announced today that they will be partnering with Twitch TV for the first year-round Street Fighter gaming league. The league will be comprised of premier events, ranking tournaments and online tournaments that culminates in the grand finals in December. Street Fight IV will be the only game in the franchise used for the tournaments, which makes perfect sense.

A total of 16 spots will be available at the Capcom Cup this year, and there are two different ways that players can qualify. Players who win a premier event will instantly qualify, and the remaining spots will be determined using a new point structure which tracks the rankings of players that compete in the tour

The current line-up of premier events includes:

  • Final Round (March 14-16 – Atlanta, GA, USA)
  • NorCal Regionals (April 18-20 – Sacramento, CA, USA)
  • Southeast Asia Majors (June 20-22 – Singapore)
  • Community Effort Orlando (June 27-29 – Orlando, FL, USA)
  • Evolution Championship Series (July 11-13 – Las Vegas, NV, USA)
  • The Fall Classic (October 10-12 – Raleigh, NC, USA)
  • DreamHack Winter (November 27-30 – Jönköping, Sweden)

And here’s the line-up of ranking events:

  • SoCal Regionals (February 28~March 2, Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  • PAX East (April 11~13 – Boston, MA, USA)
  • E3 (June 10~12 – Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  • San Diego Comic Con (July 24~27 – San Diego, CA, USA)

You can go here to check out the Twitch account where the bouts will be streamed live.

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