Capcom Apologizes About DRM on Final Fight: Double Impact

Capcom confirmed that the copy protection in the PS3 version of Final Fight: Double Impact requires an always-on internet connection to play the game, and apologized about the lack of notice on the DRM was not given at the time of purchase.

PS3 users who downloaded the package of arcade classics noticed that if the PS3 loses its connection to the Playstation Network, the game quits completely. It does not matter if it is single- or multiplayer, the game will immediately stop.

Capcom’s solution to the DRM outrage? Not one many hoped for, Capcom is working on with Sony Computer Entertainment America to provide notice of the DRM, not removing or altering it.

“The DRM requirements for Final Fight: Double Impact are not unique to this release,” Capcom said. “This protection mechanism has been implemented in numerous games offered on the PlayStation Store before.” Capcom did not respond immediately to a follow-up question asking what previous games required a constant connection.


Drew Mills

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