Capcom Calls Out Sony for Issues with Additional Costumes in SSFIV

By Kenneth Richardson

January 4, 2011

Players who buy the additional costumes for any of the many characters in Super Street Fighter IV on the Xbox 360 can feel cool when they take their costumes online to look ultra exclusive. This is because, the opponent can see their costume, even if they haven’t purchased it.

Unfortunately, this is not the case on the PS3 version of the game. Players get messages pre-game describing some kind of error with the costume purchasing and then the character appears with their standard costume. To everyone except the purchaser, there are no additional costumes. I would never buy a costume if I couldn’t show it off.

Capcom has revealed that Sony is to blame for this and that their refusal to cover additional costs is keeping the content necessary to see the costumes from being downloaded everybody. Hit the break for Capcom’s reasoning behind pointing the finger at Sony.

[Everything For Gamers]

Apparently, Sony is not cooperating in terms of the additional costs the way that Microsoft is. Seth Killian, the community manager over at Capcom, had this to say:

“When you add new data to an existing product, there are significant costs to do so charged by the first parties. On XBL, those costs were covered by Microsoft. As a result, the data is distributed to everyone, so even if you have not bought the new costumes, you can still see them if you’re fighting against someone that has because you still received the new data required to display them.

For Sony, those significant costs are not covered. As a result, you only get the new costume data when you actually buy the costumes. Those that don’t buy the costumes can’t see them, because the new costume data isn’t present on your machine, and so you only see costumes you already have the data to represent.

The story is a bit more complicated because the costs of adding new data vary by region in some cases, and some additions are free, or free within a certain timeframe, etc., but the bottom line in this particular case is that Sony would [have] charged Capcom significant fees for distributing the new costume data to users that hadn’t actually bought the DLC. Microsoft covered those costs, so the costume data is visible to all there.”

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Unfortunately, this doesn’t say much about the status of the issue, but i think it’s safer to infer that if Sony continues not paying, then Capcom will do the same.

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