Capcom Connect Is a New Weekly Livestream for All Things Capcom

Capcom Connect Is a New Weekly Livestream for All Things Capcom

Capcom Connect is a new weekly livestream show from Capcom that includes all things Street Fighter from pro player matches to fan art and cosplay.

Capcom has announced Capcom Connect, a new weekly livestream that will take place on the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel every Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. PT beginning September 25, 2018.

Capcom Connect will be your one-stop stream for all things Street Fighter, matches between pro players or local talent, CPT updates, latest news, code giveaways, and more!

This weekly livestream is done in partnership with the Esports Arena Oakland in California where the stream will be broadcasting from. This is Capcom’s way of connecting with all aspects of their community of players, from pro players to stream watchers. News involving the Capcom Pro Tour tournaments, interviews, announcements, fan art, cosplay, and matches between pro and local players will be featured during the livestream.

Those watching have a chance to win a code for Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition by sending a tweet using a specific hashtag used by the Capcom Fighters Twitter account before 8:15 P.M. PT that day. Currently the codes are only for North American storefronts. Fan art and cosplay tweeted at the Street Fighter Twitter account may also get featured during the livestream.

You can check out some photos of what the Esports Arena Oakland facility looks like in the image gallery below. Announcements such as Capcom Cup 2018 taking place in Las Vegas in December and the Halloween costume set for Street Fighter V will be among the topics addressed by these livestreams going forward.