Capcom Considers the Possibility of God Hand on Steam, Wants Community to "Keep Vocalizing"

February 18, 2014

For many, 2006 brawler title God Hand was a sleeper hit, one that presented many good ideas but ultimately received mediocre reception. However, the game still has a dedicated following, some of who are clamouring for a PC release of the title. Capcom’s response to these people is to “keep vocalizing.”

Speaking on a forum, Capcom Employee Gregaman noted that recognition of the game is still fairly low. However, he’s positive that God Hand could be a strong PC port.

If there’s demand for this, please keep vocalizing it. I think title recognition is still relatively low for this game on a mainstream level, but I do personally think it’d be a great grab on Steam, where there’s a very savvy (and big) consumer base.

From the sound of things, Capcom is considering a port, but is currently unsure just how well God Hand will sell on PC. Presumably they’ll be using the reaction to this post to gauge how successful a port would be.



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