Capcom Cup Day 1 Results — Gachikun Dominates Bracket While Tokido Misses Top 8

Capcom Cup Day 1 Results — Gachikun Dominates Bracket While Tokido Misses Top 8

Capcom Cup day 1 has wrapped up with Gachikun working wonders in the first bracket, so far undefeated within the tournament.

It’s time once again for the Capcom Cup, the final hoorah of the Capcom Pro Tour where players duke it out for glory and $250,000. There are over 12 countries being present, from dominant Japan with nine players to the underdog Dominican Republic with three qualified players.

We saw a lively amount of upsets and surprises in the first round of matches for the Capcom Cup. Right off the bat, we saw Diago get defeated by Punk and Mago get his revenge on his longtime rival Luffy. But the real monster of the bracket was Gachikun in fact. The insane Rashid player didn’t lose a single set today, defeating Big Bird, Tokido and Itazan. To say he is a contender at this moment is seriously an understatement.

Other players joining Gachikun in the Top 8 Winner’s Bracket include Bonchan, Fujimura, and Justin Wong. This looks like a healthy variety of players with a mix of characters across the roster, with the welcomed exclusion of Cammy and Akuma.

In the Loser’s Bracket, we have Itabashi Zangief (who actually dropped Gief for Abigail this season) and Angry Bird, who mains Zeku. The others slotted are Xian and Momochi for the bottom end of Loser’s Bracket.

And there you have your Top 8 set for the showdown tomorrow. It’s going to be a great set of matches featuring the best of the best, and you won’t want to miss it. It’s almost more than likely Capcom will announce the next season for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, given their track record at previous Capcom Cups. Either way, it’s sure to be an exciting event that any fighting game fan would want to check out.

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