Capcom Cup 2018 Finals Results: Gachikun Takes the Title Over Itazan

Capcom Cup 2018 comes to a close as Gachikun earns the title as this years champion, defeating players including Itabashi and Bonchan

We have reached the conclusion of the 2018 Capcom Cup, and boy was it one to remember. With top players such as Tokido, Daigo, and Problem X all came up short of Top 8, this bracket was full of surprises. Top 8 consisted of:

Gachikun, Bonchan, Fujimura, Justin Wong, Itabashi Zangief, Angry Bird, Momochi, and Xian

Some key notes to point out in this Top 8 is the exclusion of Cammy and Akuma mains; as well as a whopping five out of eight contenders are Japanese. The first set of matches were close, with final rounds being big factors, such as Gachikun beating Bonchan in Winner’s Semis. Another notable match in the first set of matches was Itabashi Zangief coming back 0-2 and eliminating Justin Wong in Loser’s Quarters with that menacing Abigail.

After Bonchan barely missed out against Gachikun, he had to face Xian in Losers. This, however, gave Bonchan a similar fate as he got eliminated by Xian 2-3. Xian continued on in Loser’s Bracket against Itabashi Zangief in Loser’s Semis. However, Itazan mowed through Xian 3-1 and headed to Loser’s Finals against the other Ibuki player, Fujimura. The Abigail train didn’t stop as Itazan defeated Fujimura and advanced to Grand Finals

After a blistering reset in Itazan’s favor, Gachikun went off in the first two rounds with a much faster a livelier pace over Abigail. After some intense final set, Gachikun clutched it and became the Capcoom Cup Champion, earning that trophy and $250,000. To say Gachikun was an undeniable force this past weekend is an understatement. No doubt about it, he earns the

And with that, you have your Capcom Cup 2018 champion. Check out the official bracket with match results if you want to see the full bracket of Top 32 to the end. Season 4 is already out now, so be sure to check up on all of the character adjustments and of course the new character Kage.

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