Capcom Delves Into the Process of Graphically Updating the Resident Evil Remake

on October 10, 2014 8:56 PM

Capcom held a Resident Evil panel today at this year’s NYCC and fans who attended were treated to some inside information about how the dev team graphically updated the Resident Evil remake, elaborating on information revealed in yesterday’s “World of Capcom” panel.

Even though Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi couldn’t attend the panel personally, he made a video detailing a bit of the process of updating the Gamecube remake’s graphics for this generation. The overall process involved replacing 2D images in the background with 3D models, fixing lighting, redoing models from scratch and more.

For instance, the first area you enter in the game (the mansion hallway) had some of the 2D images replaces, the lighting improved and the candles redone from the ground up to improve quality. In another area, branches that were simply a 2D image were rendered in actual polygons.

Each and every cut (a shift in the static camera angle from room to room) in the game was poured over and then redone in a unique way that best suited the section and enhanced the visuals the best.

Finally, it was announced that due to a successful social media campaign, Chris and Jill’s Resident Evil 5 era’s costumes will be available in the game.

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