Capcom Developer “Would Love” to do Devil May Cry/Bayonetta Crossover Game, “Would Be a Dream”

on February 10, 2015 6:16 AM

Ever wondered what would happen if the worlds of Bayonetta and Devil May Cry collided? I know I have and so have many others who’ve enjoyed the fast paced and frantic gameplay in the latest entries in the respective series.

Many players have noted the similarities between Platinum’s Bayonetta and Capcom’s Devil May Cry, most notably that both games have players duke it out against other-worldly entities whilst looking like they’re about to take to the cat-walks.

In a recent interview, Capcom’s Rey Jimenez spoke of the possibility of smashing together the fashion-conscious games.

As a developer and a gamer I would love to do that and how that would happen, well let me just say to you that would be the most insane gonzo action game you would ever see with tag-team, back-and-forth, switching and combos with stylish Dante or whoever coming in and doing stuff. It would actually be a dream come true.

The friendly developer goes on to explain that there’s nothing official and he can’t be sure if it would ever come to fruition:

I’m sure with Capcom it’s possible to do really cool things, but I don’t know if this would ever happen, but I can’t deny that the thought of it would be totally mind blowing and epic.

Asked to elaborate further on his previous tag-team comment, the developer replied with the only reply that was really needed:

It would be dope.

No doubt it would be dope. Make it happen Rey, make it happen.

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