Capcom Registers New Trademarks for 'Dino Crisis' and 'Darkstalkers'

Capcom is out here making my knees weak at the thought of a Dino Crisis remake coming out sometime in the next few years.

December 17, 2019

Capcom has been on an absolute tear over the last few years. They’ve put out new games like Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 7, which have all done incredibly well. However, the bigger story is the success they’re enjoying with their recent remakesResident Evil 2 Remake recently moved ahead of the original in terms of lifetime sales. Which is why, when it was revealed by a Twitter account that tweets out trademark applications in Japan that Capcom had recently filed some new trademarks, people began speculating which of those could be remade. Truthfully, there is only one right answer.


Among the list of trademarks are Power Stone, Rockman, Darkstalkers, and, of course, Dino Crisis. The last two are probably the ones fans want the most. Dino Crisis, in particular, has been speculated for a while now. So, while there still isn’t any official announcement yet, it definitely feels like we’re very close to everyone’s favorite dino-horror game getting its day in the sun.

It really does make so much sense. The original Dino Crisis was successful both critically and commercially for Capcom. It spawned one good sequel and then two mostly bad ones. That said, though the series tailed off after the sequel, it can’t be understated how great the idea of survival horror mixed with dinosaurs is. Basically, it’s like that scene in The Lost World: Jurassic Park were they go into the tall grass and the raptors eat them. Except in a good video game and actually scary. Seriously, more people should play Dino Crisis.

If the good developers at Capcom are willing to do what they should, hopefully, we’ll have a Dino Crisis remake in our hands in the near future. Keep those raptor talons crossed!


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