Capcom Explains and Defends Resident Evil 3D’s Lack of a Data Format Feature

on July 4, 2011 7:00 PM

Literal hell broke loose when gamers who purchased Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D realized that they were unable to format saved data, meaning they could not delete their saved files and create new ones. A bevy of rumors has formed, all of them trying to rationalize Capcom’s decision to exclude this feature. The most prominent theory is obviously that the publisher wanted to take a well placed shot at the used games industry. Community specialist Shawn Baxter dispels this and feels that there was no need for such a feature because of RE 3D‘s style of game play:

“Essentially, RE: Mercs was treated like an arcade fighting game. You unlock characters, levels, etc., and they just stay unlocked as they would in an arcade machine. There was no hidden motive to prevent buying used copies. It’s simply the way we designed the save system to work with the arcade type of ¬†gameplay.”

Honestly, this explanation (or excuse, depending on your position) doesn’t quite cut it. Super Street Fighter IV 3D has a data format feature and it’s quite literally an arcade fighter. Thus, this reasoning doesn’t hold water. The capability of the Nintendo 3DS is such that this feature could probably be patched in at a later date, but who knows if that will happen? Buyers will unsurprisingly be consummately¬† unhappy with this odd omission.


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