Capcom Explains Why Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Has No Digital Release

on August 12, 2012 5:10 PM

Normally these days when a game comes out, you can get it digitally right away. I think we can all agree that digital downloads are the way of the future, and slowly driving gaming stores into extinction. It certainly is a sign of our times when we have to examine a game for not having a digital release even months after it went on sale in retail stores. Finally though, a Capcom Corporate Officer on their forums has given a reply as to what is keeping Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 held up.

We (the Western digital sales teams) are trying. There’s a silly legal issue about a certain logo (that I feel has been improperly interpreted in the contract) that’s causing Japan legal and business teams to hold this back for now.

It’s sad to see lawyers holding up games, but I guess that’s a sign of the times too. These things don’t usually get settled quickly so I wouldn’t hold my breath for the digital release. It makes you wonder why they only held up the digital release though. Hopefully they can get it sorted out eventually for those of us who already have a hard time remembering the last time they were in a GameStop.

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