Capcom Gives Info on Our Dead Rising 3 Co-Op Partner

on September 18, 2013 1:34 AM

Capcom has announced that we will be receiving a co-op partner for Dead Rising 3 this upcoming November when the game hits store shelves for Xbox One. The co-op character’s name is Dick. No, I’m not being a jerk. That’s really his name. Nick (You) and Dick (your co-op buddy) will be able to run amuck across Los Perdidos together and slay those evil undead punks that litter the streets.

Capcom has also came out with information that Psychos will be making a return in Dead Rising 3 and they have added an interesting twist that has each one of them based upon one of the seven deadly sins.

Below is a series of screenshots that depict one of the Psychos (the dude with the needle) and one of the human bosses (the biker) that you will be encountering, schematics, and a few others that give you a taste of what to expect while facing the zombocalypse.

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