Capcom Hints Again at a New Darkstalkers

Capcom Hints Again at a New Darkstalkers

At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con Capcom shocked the world by revealing that its old and cherished Darkstalkers fighting series was – contrary to popular belief – not dead. Since that time, Capcom has filed a new trademark under the Darkstalkers name and re-released Darkstalkers 3 on PSN in Japan, but there’s still no concrete information or confirmation regarding a new game.

However, today at this year’s SDCC, Yoshinori Ono has hinted that another title may be on the way. In the past, Ono-san typically asks fans to demonstrate their support of a new title by flashing $5 and 10$ bills. He then takes a picture of the demonstration, which he’ll give to the higher ups as proof of fan support. He revealed that no such display would be needed this year, and that this “isn’t necessarily a bad thing”.

He finished by saying he had to mind his mouth or he could wind up in trouble.

This certainly sounds promising to me. Perhaps Ono has taken enough photos of fans waving money to convince Capcom that a new Darkstalkers game would be profitable. It would certainly make sense, given the recent surge of new fighting titles. Alas, fans have been waiting quite a while for a new game so it’s pretty hard to get excited over something that isn’t completely solid, but hope isn’t a bad thing.

Art by MarioPons