Capcom Introduces Innovative New Shadow Mode DLC for MVC3

Capcom Introduces Innovative New Shadow Mode DLC for MVC3


Have you ever been playing Super Street Fighter IV or BlazBlue and thought to yourself “Man, I’d really like to play against the producer of this game or the acclaimed world champion Daigo Umehara”? Because if you have, the newly revealed Shadow Mode DLC for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 looks to offer a satisfying simulation of that experience.

Basically, Shadow Mode will enable you to play against preset AI teams who are designed to resemble the play styles of real people. For example, the team and play style of producer Ryota Niitsuma will be available in the first round of DLC. Just as the actual players, these “shadows” have varying levels of difficulty, in this case represented by a number of stars. Niitsuma has only five, while the QA guy has fifteen. It is rumored that more famous personalities may become available for download at some point. Series legend Justin Wong would be a rad addition, I assume.

No word yet on pricing for this stuff, but it’s interesting to say the least. Personally, it doesn’t seem too exciting. AI will always be AI, no matter which famous player its imitating and it won’t hold a candle to actual players. However, I can’t say this isn’t an interesting take on DLC for fighting games, which has been almost exclusively character colors and costumes for the past two years. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 launches next Tuesday, the 15th. Hit the break for screens.

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