“Capcom is Back” Says Company CEO Following Stellar Devil May Cry 5 Review Scores

“Capcom is Back” Says Company CEO Following Stellar Devil May Cry 5 Review Scores

Capcom USA's CEO has a message for fans following the incredibly positive early feedback to Devil May Cry 5.

Reviews for Capcom’s latest game Devil May Cry 5 dropped this morning and across the industry, many other outlets seemed to agree with our own impressions: the game is fantasticDMC5 seems poised to be yet another hit for Capcom, a publisher which has been on fire these past few years.

Following the review scores dropping this morning, Capcom producer Matt Walker posted a brief new video to Twitter with a message from Capcom USA’s CEO Kiichiro Urata. While holding what seems to be a Dante-styled cake pop, Urata-san simply stated, “Capcom is back.” The statement was met by a loud, “Yeah!” from Walker who clearly seemed to be excited about the positive scores as well.

Urata-san is absolutely right, too. Where the publisher once seemed to be in a bad situation only a few years back, they have turned things around quickly and drastically simply by returning to the roots of some of their most iconic franchises. From Resident Evil VII and the recent remake of Resident Evil 2, to the incredibly successful release of Monster Hunter: World in early 2018, the past year or so has seen Capcom reach new heights. Not to mention, Capcom also released a proper throwback Mega Man game in Mega Man 11 late in 2018, too.

Now with the return of Devil May Cry 5 later this week, Capcom is preparing to bring to an end its best slate of releases we’ve likely ever seen from the publisher. Luckily, they don’t seem to to be slowing down anytime soon, either, as the potential for future releases like Dragon’s Dogma 2 have already been talked about in recent weeks. Whatever Capcom has up next, as long as they continue to stay on this same course and remain committed to quality above all else, you’d have to imagine whatever they might do next will be met positively.

If you’re looking to pick up Devil May Cry 5 at release, the game launches this Friday, March 8, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to check out our own gameplay footage featuring Nero, Dante, and V to hold you over until release.