Capcom is Preparing to Release Street Fighter IV Again, This Time for Android

on September 19, 2011 9:00 PM

I have to imagine that portable Street Fighter IV has really paid off for Capcom. They’ve already released Super Street Fighter IV for the Nintendo 3DS, as well as two SF IV games for iOS: Street Fighter IV Battle Protocol and Street Fighter IV Volt. All of the aforementioned adaptations have been fairly well received, which makes this understandable.

Now the series is moving to a mobile phone other than the iPhone. It will release on LG’s first ever HD phone, which doesn’t seem to have a name yet. LG CEO Dr. Jong-seok Park explained:

“As we prepare our first HD smartphone for launch, it was important for us to be able to offer HD content that would really demonstrate this phone’s benefits, The HD version of Street Fighter certainly fills this objective.”

I’ve personally grown quite tired of the SF IV games but their success is beneficial to the genre as a whole so I’m not exactly salty. There don’t appear to be any release details for the game or the phone itself as of yet.


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