Capcom Willing to Try Out New IP as Digital-Only, But Not as “AAA with a £10 Million Marketing Budget”

Capcom Willing to Try Out New IP as Digital-Only, But Not as “AAA with a £10 Million Marketing Budget”

Capcom is willing to explore new IP, but probably sticking to smaller digital-only releases, instead of massive AAA games with giant marketing budgets.

Capcom certainly has a strong catalog of glorious IP to fish from, but what about new IP? They’re not out of the question, explained by Chief Operating Officer Stuart Turner and Marketing Director Antoine Molant in an interview on Gamesindustry.

Molant mentions that new IP could potentially be born as affordable digital-only games, but an AAA release with giant marketing budget simply isn’t going to happen.

“We are looking into the explosion in affordable digital-only titles. That is how we potentially see new IP being born, by testing the water with smaller titles that are less risky to develop. Maybe we could release a few of these and see if one takes off, and then you can take it further step-by-step, as opposed to doing a AAA with a £10 million marketing budget. That’s never going to happen.”

Turner added that Capcom has new titles lined-up, as developers don’t want to keep doing the same things over and over. Another possibility is to explore new things within Capcom’s established universes. That being said, it’s difficult to launch new IP successfully in a global market.

“But it’s not off the plans to do some new IP. We have titles lined-up. The development team doesn’t want to keep working on the same thing over and over. They want to explore other areas. There is also a lot of scope in some of our universes where we can go and do something new, without having to leap into new territory.”

“But new IP is certainly still on the radar, and discussed within the development offices at Osaka and Vancouver. It’s just difficult to launch successfully in a global market.”

I’ll forgive you for not doing a new IP ever again, Capcom, if you give me that Rival Schools reboot I need. You know you want it as much as I do.

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