Capcom Readying up “Big” Arcade Announcement for JAEPO 2015

on February 12, 2015 4:38 AM

This weekend Resident Evil publisher Capcom will be attending JAEPO 2015 where the company is widely expected to show off a few new tricks, including a big arcade announcement.

The teaser site for the firm already confirms that they’ll be bringing Luigi’s Mansion Arcade to the expo, but the Japanese giant is also teasing that there’s more to see in addition to Mario‘s under-appreciated brother.

Capcom’s special JAEPO 2015 page notes that the first day of the expo will be reserved for those who have been invited to the show, with the second day being open to the general public. Maybe we’ll see more information on this mysterious big arcade announcement on February 13th once the press have had their day.

It may seem odd that Capcom are putting a bigger focus on arcade machines, but whilst here in the West they’ve somewhat become lost-treasures of yesteryear, the Japanese market still holds them in high regard.


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