Capcom Releases Prologues for Street Fighter X Tekken Characters

on March 2, 2012 10:15 AM

Capcom’s official YouTube channel has posted a few teaser videos for Street Fighter x Tekken, offering a bit of background on why all these characters are scrambling after the mysterious object “Pandora.”

So what brought our darling portly Mega Man to the battle arena? A severely sexed-up version of his companion, Roll, has sent him to fetch “Pandora” for her. With curves like that, honestly, who wouldn’t risk life and limb for a box? (See what I did there?)

While Pac-Man’s story is a little less clear and slightly more kooky, it certainly doesn’t make the “Pandora” controversy any less interesting. Watch Mega-Man and Pac-Man’s special prologue trailers after the cut.


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