Resident Evil 2 Gets Five More Short Promotional Clips From Capcom

In one of the most bizarre promotional campaigns I've seen this year — Capcom has released five more six second clips from Resident Evil 2.

By Jordan Boyd

November 30, 2018

After Capcom released five groundbreaking six second clips showing off extensive gameplay of their upcoming remake title, Resident Evil 2, the publisher has decidedly given fans five more clips from the game. You can check them out for yourself down below.

You can probably watch the videos faster than I can explain them, but I’ll do so nonetheless. The first new clip shows off some scenes where the game’s two protagonists, Claire Redfield, and Leon S. Kennedy interact with one another. The second and third clip give players a look at two in-game items up close — the series’ iconic herb item, as well as some gunpowder. The fourth video shows off Resident Evil’s most menacing reoccuring foe, the Licker. Last but not least, the final video gives us a glimpse at one of the staple weapons from the series — Samurai Edge.

If you just so happened to miss out on the first five videos, be sure to check them out… I promise you it won’t take very long. All jokes aside, Resident Evil 2 is shaping up to be a tremendously well-made remake of a title that has defined the survival horror genre for years.

Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis are interestingly enough, the only two games in the series that haven’t received proper HD ports or complete remakes. They did however both get ported over to the Gamecube, but no significant changes were made to either. Both games take place in Racoon City, so it’s particularly exciting that Capcom is revisiting such an iconic location in survival-horror.

Resident Evil 2 is right around the corner, the title will be launching for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 25. If you’d like to pre-order the game, you can do so right now on Amazon.

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