Capcom Releasing free “2012 Edition” Update for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

on August 1, 2011 7:30 PM

This past weekend’s Evo 2011 Tournament was the year’s biggest event in fighting games, and the main attraction was none other than Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Producer Yoshinori Ono took the opportunity to announce that a new update is coming to SSFIV: AE, but don’t panic; it’ll be free. It’ll be called the “2012 Edition” patch, and it will be tested in Japanese arcades a little later into the summer.

No details are available on exactly what this patch will address, though the most common theory is that AE newcomer Yun will be nerfed a considerable amount. Vastly popular and extremely powerful, Yun did indeed clean up at Evo. However, the world’s most famous SF player Daigo Umehara and his Yun proved that the character isn’t faultless when competitor Poongko demolished the former Evo champion with a perfect victory. Look for more details on the “2012 Edition” update in the coming months.


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