Capcom Almost Made Resident Evil Amiibo for the Revelations Collection

Capcom had begun producing some Resident Evil amiibo to coincide with the release of the Revelations Collection on the Nintendo Switch.

Capcom is no stranger to amiibo. Releasing various figures for characters like Ryu from the Street Fighter series, Mega Man, and a slew of different heroes from Monster Hunter: Stories. In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Capcom’s Ryota Niitsuma said that the company had planned to make figures for Resident Evil Revelations on Switch.

The team had apparently created some posable 3D models before canceling their production due to some unfortunate circumstances. Fans of the series might think that the obvious choices for amiibo would’ve been Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, or Chris and Claire Redfield.

Capcom, believe it or not, had actually been considering creating amiibo for HUNK as well as Lady HUNK, two characters that are playable in Revelations’ raid mode. The director of the first game in the Revelations series, Koushi Nakanishi, expressed that he still has some interest in creating amiibo for the series.

The Resident Evil Revelations Collection on Switch actually does still have amiibo support. In fact, you can scan any figure into the game to reap some rewards. Although, if you use amiibo from Capcom franchises you’ll be rewarded more generously as opposed to if you just scanned in a Link or Mario for example.

I got the chance to check out the Resident Evil Revelations Collection on Switch earlier this month, I think both ports are great and definitely worth experiencing if you’ve been waiting for the series to make its debut on the Switch.

What Resident Evil characters would you like to see turned into amiibo? I personally would love to see some of the original models for Jill and Chris from the first Resident Evil given the figure treatment.


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